Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 One Little Word

My one little word for 2016 is MINDSET.  I read Carol Dweck's book last year and it impacted my life.  I went through a lot of major changes in 2015 and having a growth mindset helped me navigate my emotions.  We go through many situations in life, but our attitude is what controls the situation.

I am on the mindset committee at school and started reading Mindset in the Classroom.  I look forward to seeing how it can improve our classroom and school.
Bulletin board at school. 

Moving forward in 2016...
I love reading this book to students immediately upon returning to school.  After reading the book, we discussed what a resolution is.  Then, we chart ideas of possible resolutions for school.
I was so impressed with my Kindergarten students ability to reflect.

After reading the book and discussing whole class goals, I meet with individual students to help them decide on their goals.
Students choose from goals from work habits, math, reading, and writing. 

This is the template students use to record their goals.  Once the goal is met, I check it off and date it.  I believe goal setting is very empowering for students.

Both pictures above are from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten freebie.

Happy New Year!

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  1. You have a mindset committee at your school?!? That's awesome!! I think our mindset, which we forget sometimes that WE control, is the key to everything. I love seeing the activities you are doing with your kindergarten students. I agree that goal-setting is empowering for students, and the lessons you are teaching in kindergarten will go with them forever!