Friday, January 30, 2015

Five for Friday- January 30

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky.  I had another 4 day week, but it was still very busy!  We celebrated our 100th day today, but more on that in a future post.

I love the responsive classroom.  A team member recommended this book to me.  I am going to read it over our long weekend in February.  If you have read it, did you like it?
I bought these on my unexpected Snow Day Monday.  I didn't even know flair pens come in a 20 pack.  I was so excited because I use flair pens daily.
On Thursday we had freezing rain in the morning on the way to school.  I had maybe 1/3 of my students arrive to school on time.  It was horrible timing because the freezing rain was from 7-9 am.  Thankfully everyone made it to school safe.  Needless to say it was the most talked about topic all day.

I used this to my advantage and we listened to an article on Wonderopolis about why ice is slippery.   With Wonderopolis we reviewed non fiction and states of matter.  I really love that it reads the article to you and highlights where they are reading.
I needed to change things up and these attention getters are perfect.  My student's favorite is "macaroni and cheese" "everybody freeze".  
We do flexible grouping for math.  It feels like I have a lot of boys in my class.  With the Super Bowl this weekend, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to use their interests.  
DISCLAIMER: I actually don't know who I want to win.  In fact, I didn't know who was in the Super Bowl until a few days ago.  Oops.
Now that is off my chest… we started math by doing a quick survey to see who the students think will win.  My district uses Singapore Math so we are currently doing our problem solving unit, which includes bar models and open number lines.  I had the students create their own word problems with a connection to the Super Bowl.  Everyone was so engaged!!  The conversations I overheard made me such a proud teacher.  And yes, the girls enjoyed it too.  I told the students to be creative with their Super Bowl problem- students used players, points, visitors, and food as their topic.
Once everyone finished creating and solving their problem, we sat in a circle at the carpet.  Each student read their word problem and the class had to determine if you need to add or subtract to solve their problem.  With each problem, I asked how they knew if they needed to add or subtract.  We are really focusing on vocabulary.

Have a wonderful weekend!  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Power of Positivity- January 18

Happy Sunday!  It has been a fantastic weekend so far, especially with our heat wave.  When I say heat wave I mean 40 degrees.  Any sunshine works for me.
I am so excited to link up with Miss Peluso's Kindergarten for her Power of Positivity link up.  If you couldn't tell by my blog name, I am a big believer in positivity.  There is always good in each day.
 I attended my first baby shower yesterday.  On the left is my friend that I have known since 6th grade.  It was so nice to gather with friends I grew up with and celebrate her welcoming a baby boy early this spring.  
I even coordinated my outfit for the baby shower: blue sweater in honor of a boy and nautical scarf to match the nursery theme.

What are you doing on your day off tomorrow?  

Friday, January 16, 2015

Five for Friday- January 16

Is it too early to ask if spring is coming?  Last week I had 2 snow days and a delay.  Although this 5 day week felt long, I am so happy that students could enjoy an outdoor recess today!
On Monday my principal let us show our Buckeye spirit at school in honor of the championship game.  Although you can't tell, I am wearing an Ohio State Buckeyes long sleeve.     
This week I started teaching my students about making an inference.  I read the 2 books shown above to guide our thinking.  Teaching this comprehension skill is a nice transition to close reading.  Students are really starting to use evidence from the text.
We have been talking about the scientific process and did a few experiments to put our new learning to life.
OREO: Before starting the experiment, we created a question, hypothesis, and reviewed what the procedure looks like.  Then as a class we did 2 trials of OREO stacking.  Through this students also learned that certain variables can positively or negatively affect the experiment.
M & M: Each table needed 2 M & Ms (color doesn't matter) and 2 cups.  1 cup needed to be filled with warm water and the other with cold.  Students recorded their observations at the start and after 3 minutes in addition to writing a conclusion.  
I have been integrating informational writing with this unit.
Thursday night I took some time to "bake" before watching Parenthood.  This no bake Reese's dessert was perfect!! 
I have been wanting to buy this book since its release in November.  Needless to say I was very excited when this arrived!

                                                        Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Vacation in Arizona

Happy 2015!  I spent my winter break in Phoenix, Arizona with family.  It was wonderful to take some time to slow down and enjoy my surroundings.  We all know I enjoy taking pictures so I will spare you and only pick a few.
If you are reading this post solely for the connection to education, scroll to the last picture.
View from the pool at the resort.
Back of the resort. 
We went hiking at Pinnacle Peak.  It was such a treat to be outside in the sunshine.
Isn't this beautiful?  I love sunrises and sunsets. 
We ate lunch at Ra and I had delicious sushi.  
 Since I was on the west coast of course I also had In and Out during my vacation.
Here comes the connection to education...
At the resort I had free drink and food access in the concierge throughout the day/night.  The concierge staff members smile, greet me by name, participate in conversations, and take care of me.  Coincidentally teachers do the same with their students.

Unfortunately, my dad is unable to eat most of the desserts at the concierge due to his nut allergy.  My dad stays at this resort often so the staff knows him well.  As I was finishing my dessert one of the staff members brought out a key lime pie {not an option at the dessert buffet}.  They remembered that it was my dad's favorite dessert and wanted to make sure he was accommodated.  My dad was so excited that they went out of their way to make him happy.  At school we should have the same considerations for our students.

As we start the new year, reflect on what you do to make your classroom a positive experience for the students.  Remember it is the small things that take up the biggest part of our heart.  Often times, this is what students remember about their teachers.

Have a good week.  Stay warm!