Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Year End Reflection Linky

I am linking up with Michelle from Big Time Literacy to reflect on my school year.
Best Memories
-Mystery Skype
-Measurement Olympics
-Author Celebration
-Science Day
Missed Opportunities
My home school district hosts a literacy conference every February.  Unfortunately I was unable to go due to a prior commitment and I REALLY wish I had gone.  Based off the tweets I saw, it looks like it was a fantastic day of learning.  
Game Changers
This year I really dove into math workshop.  I saw a lot of growth in my students.  
I followed this structure:
-Number Talk/Opener
-Mini Lesson
-Work Time

I also took more risks with technology in the classroom.  There is always so much to learn, but I am glad I embraced new opportunities.

I became a member of #CompelledTribe, a group of teachers who commit to blogging consistently about specific topics.  Thank you Craig for hosting this group and encouraging me to always reflect and refine my teaching practice.

Lastly, I became a member of The Reading Crew.  They have helped me with my literacy instruction.
This school year I improved my writer's workshop.  I like to follow Lucy Calkins and specifically focused on making more engaging mini lessons.
Nothing that comes to mind?
Between my district, Twitter account, and teaching blog, I built a strong PLN.  Their support, feedback, and ideas kept me going.  I also participated in weekly Twitter chats and even moderated a chat.  I feel that I grew a lot as a teacher this school year from my experiences and my students benefitted from this growth.  I am excited to see where the next school year takes me.


  1. Wow, I didn't realize anyone was already thinking of linking up! I was planning to post on June 8th when I finished school, but perhaps I'll do that blog now! :-)

    The PLNs are so amazing, aren't they? I feel so lucky to be a part of the Reading Crew, too! Always have go-to people there!

    I want to know more about the #compelledtribe! Where can I read more about that?! SO good to see someone else who likes to write/blog as much as I do - I really feel like a writer these days!

    :-) Michelle

    1. My last day was May 21 so I was ready for that post :)

      I agree, my PLN has been so helpful to me. I love collaborating and sharing ideas with so many people!

      I can e-mail you more information about #CompelledTribe if you'd like. Basically we write about specific topics and comment on other Compelled Tribe member's blog posts.

    2. Yes, that would be great! My email is bigtimeliteracy@gmail.com :-) Thanks, Allie!

  2. I hear ya on that missed opportunity. It's rare that I get to go to any conference or cool training near my town. Unless the district asks us to go to a conference, they generally won't let us attend one. :( It'd be nice if they had more professional development money for us to utilize.

    I'm changing up some of my math time next year. Excited to finally do it!

    Hope you have a great summer!