Saturday, December 6, 2014

What Inspires Me?

When someone asks me how I am doing, I try to respond with "I can't complain".  Although being a beginning teacher can be stressful, I am so lucky.  I have a job that I love and have the ability to challenge myself on a daily basis.  I love that you can never get bored with teaching.  The challenges we face help us grow. But how do I stay inspired through the tough days?

Every teacher should have a Happy File.  In the file I put positive e-mails from parents and cards/letters/stories that students have made me in the past.  When I am having a tough day, I go to this file and instantly smile.

 I appreciate the little things my students do.  They are so thoughtful and love to help.
Clearly this happened during Halloween. I was in the middle of a reading mini lesson and 2 girls (very responsible and respectful) interrupted me and told me to get a package that was outside our classroom door.  UM WHAT?  I explained to them that I was in the middle of a lesson and I would check it out once the lesson is over.  I open the classroom door and find all these Halloween goodies.  I got BOOed by a few of my students.  The students worked together to coordinate small gifts for me.  So sweet!
This was the day before Thanksgiving Break.  During word study I had each student get a dry erase board, marker, and eraser.  Since I dismiss students by table to get supplies, I allow students to write words on their board until everyone is ready.  As students were gathering supplies, I noticed 2 students going to each table whispering.  I couldn't tell what was going on, but a student told me to turn around so I don't find out the secret.  Hmm….  Once I was given permission to turn around a student shouted to the entire class to put their board up.  I walked around the classroom and each student wrote on their board what they loved about having me as a teacher or school in general.  I nearly teared up… it was so thoughtful!! Talk about being thankful!

Think about what fuels your passion.  Why do you love to teach?  When it comes to those tough days, your passion will keep you going.  I love witnessing student progress and knowing I contributed to that.  I also get excited when I find a new resource or strategy to help my students achieve their personal best.  I could go on and on about this, but I will leave you with a sample from this week.
I came across this iPhone resource online that focuses on comprehension skills.  My students have really been working on close reading so I was excited to use this.  Students were allowed to choose any book from their book box for this activity.  At the end of the lesson I saw students searching the recycling bin (thinking I made extra copies) because they wanted to take copies home to work on.  Student engagement is key!  My students decided this is what the iPhone 10 will look like haha.

Lastly, relationships are an essential component of teaching.  I am grateful everyday that I have support from my PLN and staff members at school.  This enables me to reflect on my teaching, try new things, and continue my journey as a lifelong learner.  Thank you to each of you!

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  1. Love your post Allie! Great work. Thanks for looking at the work you do and being able to soak it all in. Teaching, learning and your passions all part of the inspirational package!