Saturday, April 11, 2015

Taking Charge of Your Professional Development

After reading Ashleigh's post, I knew professional development would be the perfect topic for my #CompelledTribe blog post.  I am a beginning teacher and love to try new things in the classroom.

The key to making professional development meaningful is personalization.  Professional development should not be boring or redundant.  The best professional development motivates, encourages, and inspires you.  Immediately after, you will want to implement your new learning.  Here are a few ways I take charge of my professional development:

Last year was my first year of teaching and teaching blogs were a huge source of inspiration for me.  I loved the community of teachers and unlimited ideas for primary teachers.  Many of the ideas I implemented in the classroom came from teaching blogs.
I always wanted to start a teaching blog, but with last year being my first year  I thought it would be too much to take on.  I waited until July and The Positive Teacher was born!  Blogging has been a strong reflection tool for me.  I also joined the #CompelltedTribe and I really enjoy collaborating and the feedback I receive.  Of course "meeting" new teachers has been a positive too!

 I noticed the district I was working in created Twitter accounts for each school and began to use it as a tool.  I am a curious person (especially when it comes to technology), so I decided to check it out.  I created my account last summer, @ABond013 and haven't looked back.  Here are a few benefits:
-Building your Professional Learning Network (PLN).  
-Tailoring your Professional Development to your own needs and desires
-Participating in Twitter chats.  I love Twitter chats because there is always someone that stretches my thinking and makes me consider a different perspective.  At first the chats overwhelmed me so I sat back and observed for a few weeks.  Once I got the hang of it, I participated every week.  After 8 months of participating, I moderated my first chat. I based the chat off a book study and it seemed that the chat went well.

Many teachers have an Instagram account to showcase what is going on in their classroom.  The best part- it is SO simple.  I love to scroll through my feed to see what my teacher friends are up to.  In an instant I have an "a ha" moment. 
After one of my teacher friends told me how cool Voxer is, I knew I had to try it out.  Basically it is a walkie talkie app.  You can participate in individual or group conversations.  I prefer to hear someone's voice so I enjoy using this app for quick questions or conversations.  I talk to one teacher friend almost everyday.  

Just for fun...
I found another {beginning} teacher in my district that is eager to try new things like me.  Since both of us are doing our mapping unit soon, we plan on doing a #MysterySkype with both our classes.  It will be a new experience and I can't wait!  I am all about extending learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.  Right now I teach Kindergarten so let me know if you have any suggestions or tips!


  1. Allie, this is an impressive list of ways you are using technology to make connections, reflect on your practice, and learn and grow in your practice. Kudos for not just hearing about these technology tools but for taking the next step and using them on a regular basis. Great job!

  2. Sorry I missed this post Allie! Love that you are trying all of these things. I just started dabbling with Voxer and so far, wow, a lot to get me mind around!
    Be well and keep writing!