Thursday, April 30, 2015

My First Mystery Skype Experience

Today I had my first Mystery Skype experience.  My students had so much fun and it was a great opportunity for us to apply our new learning to a real life situation.  When I say Mystery "Skype", I actually mean we did a Google Hangout.  Myself and the other teacher have gmail accounts through our district so this format was a better fit.  I have known this teacher since high school and it was so fun to work together.

The goal of Mystery Skype was to determine the location of the other class using landmarks, positional words, and our district map.

- I created a Google Doc to collaborate and share ideas with the other teacher.  In the document we listed which standards to address in the unit and picture books to use throughout the unit.
-Once it got closer to the date, each class created 5 questions to ask the other class and 5 clues to help determine their location.
-We printed a map of our district in poster size to display in our classrooms.
-I made cards for my class to use when the other class asked us a question.  A green card means yes and a red card means no.
-Make sure all devices are ready.  I did a test run to make sure there weren't any last minute technology glitches.  
-Remind students what the experience will look like and any goals for your learning.
-Have fun!  A student in my class said "this is the best day ever!"  I asked her why and she said, "because we haven't done this before".  Students crave new experiences and connections.  

Although I created the questions and clues with my classes, it would have been more beneficial for students to see them posted on the board instead of me reading off a paper.  There is always something to improve on, but I am thrilled my students enjoyed the experience.

Happy (almost) Friday!


  1. My students have really enjoyed Mystery Skype this year, too! Each time we do it they become better at asking questions and using their resources.

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