Sunday, September 25, 2016

1 Tool to Help K/1 Students During Independent Reading

Last week we launched read to self as part of Daily 5.  Let the stamina building begin!  During read to self, students are expected to stay in 1 spot, read the whole time, read quietly, and get started right away.  Reader's workshop has similar expectations so even if you follow that model, this could work for you.  Some students told me after reading 1 book in their book box that they were all done.  Although it is still early in the school year (we started after labor day) and I need to continue modeling strategies, I wanted to provide my students with a visual that helped them understand the value of re-reading and not being "all done".
LEFT SIDE: Re-read
RIGHT SIDE: Books I am working on

This is nothing fancy, but it really helps students have a place to put their books as they read and get in the habit of re-reading.  Since K/1 students are mostly reading pattern books or guided reading text, a file folder is the perfect size.   One teacher on my team wrote the independent reading expectations on the front as a reminder for students.

Have a great week!

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