Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Classroom Tour 2015-2016

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As I was setting up my Kindergarten classroom I was asked consistently what my classroom theme is.  Although I love bright colors and chevron, my priority is always the students and the learning experiences I provide for them.

My theme is students.  My theme is growth mindset.  My theme is fun.  My theme is flexible.  My theme is collaboration.  My theme is creativity.  My theme is risk taking.  My theme is for any student who walks into my classroom to make it their home away from home.  {Inspired by Pernille Ripp HERE}

Here is my Kindergarten classroom.  This is our first week so there are still things I need to add such as birthdays and name wall.  Not completely finished, but enjoy!
                                                       View when you first walk in
View from my kidney table at the back of the classroom
Student cubby
Each cubby has a student label (every 5 students has a different color) and a book box for Daily 5
Shelves above are used to store teacher materials
Student check in area.  
Snack/folder/notes to the teacher/pencils
The shelf in the back is for word work materials
The 2 shelves pushes together are used for community supplies and recess games.
Find out what the pink bin is used for tomorrow :)
Word Work Shelf
I planned on labeling each bin, but couldn't find any I liked with word and picture.  So, I plan on making my own this weekend.
Front of classroom.  My principal ordered rugs for us so I don't have the front of the classroom fully set up.
ABOVE the board: inspirational quotes 
LEFT of board: learning targets, class brownie points, and voice level chart
RIGHT side: calendar area, how many days have we been in school, yesterday/today/tomorrow, weather, daily schedule, and visual direction cards for my ELL students
On the easel is my SHINE visual for how to sit at the carpet
Dismissal Clip Chart (left)/Writing Center 
In the blue pocket chart, I change the words every month.  They are theme words; usually holidays and seasons.
What Do Writer's Write Pencil: Freebie from The Teacher's Wife
Vocabulary: Purchase HERE
These topic cards are HUGE in my writing center.  The cards are divided by topics to assist students in coming up with a writing topic.
Purchase HERE
CAFE and Daily Five area
{Once Daily 5 is fully implemented I plan on using that area below the bulletin board for students to check in}
{Large table will be used to store mini iPads}
I also have color words posted above

CAFE cards: FREEBIE from Sweet Kindergarten
Daily Five cards: FREEBIE from Going Strong in 2nd Grade
Guided Reading area.  
LEFT of bookshelf: 10 drawer cart to organize daily lesson plans and copy/file/grade organizer is on top of it
RIGHT of bookshelf: printer, teacher toolbox to store all my supplies
Underneath my table I also have a 31 tote to store all of my guided reading lessons.  I have them categorized by skill (phoneme segmentation, 1 to 1 correspondence, etc)
I store all of my leveled books and guided reading materials on the bookshelf.
Math area
The blue pocket chart is for math vocabulary that I will update each week.
TOP LEFT of bookshelf: math picture books
TOP RIGHT of bookshelf: math games
*At the beginning of the year I have pattern block puzzles to practice 1-20 number formation, play doh mats for 1-20 number formation, and counting games.  
My classroom library!  
RUG: Sam's Club 2 years ago
READ banner:
The shelf on the far right will be used for leveled books (my school does Daily 5)
BACK RIGHT: I place any books I read during a unit on this shelf so students can read them during read to self or read to someone.
BACK SHELF:  Books students can select.  I am only leaving a few bins out to start the year.  Gotta build the excitement and also teach students how to use the library responsibly.
I posted multiple intelligence posters on the cabinets near our sink.  My school is a creative arts and science magnet school that focuses on incorporating Gardner's multiple intelligences into our instruction.  
Purchase HERE

Come back tomorrow to read about my sanity savers in the classroom.  Many organization tips :)
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your room looks great Ali! I also love what you're saying about themes. "My theme is kids." Love that! Have a great school year!