Monday, July 13, 2015

My #EdCampLDR Experience

Last week I traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina for a short vacation and to attend Ed Camp Leadership.  It was my first Ed Camp experience.  Thanks @Fetters4Tweets @allisunrae and @Tchr_RachelM for the invite.  I loved meeting some of my PLN in real life.

Why go to Ed Camp?
  • FREE
  • Network and get to know other teachers 
  • When you arrive to Ed Camp there is a space to submit ideas for sessions.  Everyone has a voice.
  • You decide which sessions to attend based on your interests and needs
  • Sessions are collaborative, not 1 person holds all the knowledge
Ed Camp models what we should be doing in our classrooms.  Our students should have a voice and choice in their learning.  
I am passionate about being a connected educator.  
If you do not have a Twitter account, create an account before you go to EdCamp.  
We used the hashtag #EdCampLDR to tweet our new learning throughout the day.
The North Carolina State Superintendent, Dr. June Atkinson, was our opening speaker.  It was an honor to have her attend.
The best part about Ed Camp is the open schedule.  

All of our sessions for the day.  Did I mention I loved Personalized PD?  It is a great feeling to pick your session based on your needs and interests.  You won't be bored!  It is interactive and a lot of collaboration takes place.

New Apps/Website To Try
Voxer is a walkie talkie app where you can communicate with individuals or groups
Periscope is a video streaming app.  This has been increasingly popular with teacher bloggers.
S'More is a website where you can share resources.
Zite is an app that allows you to read articles based on your interests.  

If you have been to Ed Camp before, what do you enjoy most?

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