Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday- Ralph Tells a Story

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A team member shared this book with me and it is now one of my favorites for the beginning of the year when implementing writer's workshop; it fits really well with the Lucy Calkin's framework.
^Front cover and summary of the book.
{front cover}
Great intro. to the story... this demonstrates authors always need to put their name on their paper and it is ok to write multiple drafts.
The beginning of the book starts off with Ralph having trouble coming up with a story.  I am sure many K-3 teachers have had a student mention that they don't know what to write about.  Some students need more time to brainstorm or pre-write.  
Because he doesn't know what to write about,  he "went to the water fountain, roamed the hallways, and tried everything."

... I don't want to reveal the rest of the book, but it is evident that the author does a fantastic job illustrating the frustrations a young writer may experience.  I model to students that it is ok to try new things and take risks.
{Back cover}
Books that Ralph has made.  I read each title to my class so they can see that there are so many topics to write about.  

Hope everyone is having a great week.  My week is halfway over since we don't have school Friday.

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