Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teacher Week: Why Organization

Today I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' to talk about organization.  I recently wrote a blog post about classroom organization.  Read more HERE.
I love being organized.  If I cannot find something, I become stressed out and frazzled.  I try to maintain a system that is practical and simple.  In this post, you will find a few tips along with pictures of some systems I use.

1) Help keep your students organized.  I want students to play, create, and use the classroom.  However, I expect each student to do their part, which includes cleaning up after themselves.
2)  Label everything.  From your classroom library to student supplies, everything should have a place. This helps minimize interruptions. A student finds a marker on the floor?  Find the labeled bin.  See, one less interruption.
3)  Always be ready for a sub.  Absences sometimes occur unexpectedly and being prepared saves you the stress of creating lesson plans at the last minute.  Last year my goal was to have all of the materials for the following day ready on the teacher table.
4) Keep a Student Information Binder.  Buy the numbered tabs and use student's assigned number for easy reference.  In this binder include emergency forms and parent contact information.
5) Even though I am a morning person, I like to have everything ready for school the night before.  I set out my outfit, pack my lunch, and pack my teacher bag.
A few years ago, I found this folder at Wal Mart.  It has 5 dividers, but with pockets on each side that means there are really 10 folders.  
How I use it: Each month for the school year has its own pocket.  I place any handouts or notes inside these pockets. Last year the team met once a week and having these notes handy was a huge help when it came to long term planning.  
Binder Cover: This product is a Powerpoint so you are able to edit the binder cover to fit your needs. Simply insert a text box and type.  Purchase HERE
Meeting Templates: This product comes with stylish templates for staff and grade level meetings.  Purchase HERE
A new pack of flair pens is a great way to start off a new school year.  I love the colors!  I am one of "those" teachers who likes to color code.

I bought these book bins from Target last year in the $1/$3 dollar spot.  I  store all of my read alouds and materials for that day. To keep papers organized, I put them in file folders so they do not get bent.

Come back Friday to learn more about writing.
Next week I will also be introducing a new organizational tool.  Stay tuned!
What is your favorite organizational tool in the classroom?

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