Saturday, April 16, 2016

#LoveMySchoolDay Reflection

Last Monday, April 11 was #LoveMySchoolDay.  I moderated #DubChat with my friend, Melissa.  As we were collaborating about which questions to pose to our audience it made me reflect on which aspects of my school I enjoy the most.  The timing was perfect since my school was recently named a top 5 magnet school in the United States.  My school is a creative arts and science magnet elementary school and we find out in May where we rank in the top 5.  Regardless, I am so grateful to work at a school where creativity is not only supported, but strongly encouraged.  Especially as a Kindergarten teacher it is critical to teach the whole child and exercise their creativity.  My favorite change this year across our building is flexible seating.  Next year I plan to start from day, but I appreciate the positive changes I have seen in my students and classroom community.

Being a connected educator is vital to professional growth.  Sharing ideas and reflections with one another at any time is priceless.  Although as educators we often hear the negatives, Twitter has many passionate educators who want to remove barriers for their students and share the positive things happening.  Twitter is an opportunity to showcase what is happening in your classroom, school, or community.  Across the globe educators have one purpose: to do what is best for our kids.

Below are the questions from the Twitter chat myself and Melissa moderated Monday.  I hope you find these questions useful as you reflect on what you enjoy about your school as well as how to move forward in the future.

Thanks for reading!