Monday, November 23, 2015

Mindset in the Classroom

In the past year I have become increasingly passionate about mindset in my personal life as well as in the classroom.  As a Kindergarten teacher, it is the perfect time to incorporate this topic as we are building the foundation for our students' education.  I want to give students the tools to succeed, but also teach them that with their language they can change their mindset.  You are in control!  

Why mindset in the classroom?
  • Model struggle as an opportunity to learn
  • Kids can control effort and how they persevere
  • Teachers can re direct negative talk into positive
This school year I am on the Mindset committee.  So far we began our book study with Mindsets in the Classroom.  I am SO excited to be involved in this committee and see how this topic transforms our learning.

Before implementing this into your classroom, I highly recommend reading both books pictured below.
LEFT: Mindset by Carol Dweck
This will give you background knowledge on mindset and how it can become a part of your life.  
RIGHT: Mindsets in the Classroom

Lesson Ideas
Font: KG

I found this on Pinterest and modified it to fit my needs.  Instead of writing phrases on the paper, I typed each statement and as a class we determined if the statement illustrates a growth or fixed mindset.  The sort was very helpful for my students.

Self Talk
This anchor chart has been all over social media within the past year.  In order to implement mindset into your classroom, it is critical that the teacher models appropriate language.  

Bulletin Board
Credit: Darlin' Little Learners
{not available for sale yet}
I saw this on her Facebook page and just love it!

Get the growth and fixed mindset posters HERE

I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to use mindset in your classroom.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!