Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Making a Positive Impact

For #CompelledTribe this month, our shared blogging topic is about a student we had a positive impact on.  I graduated from college a few years ago so I haven't been in touch with students from decades ago, but I continue to cherish my experience from the past few years.

For the 2015-2016 school year I taught Kindergarten at a new school.  Being a new teacher in the building and district, I did not have any existing relationships with students.  This school year I returned for my 2nd year as a Kindergarten teacher at the same school.  In addition to spending time meeting and getting to know my new group of students, I was excited to see my students from last year.  I wanted to see how their summer was, how much they grew, and their general excitement.

This school year I am fortunate enough to see my students from last year everyday.  I see many of them when I pick up my class from lunch or specials and after school.  One student from last year went through many obstacles.  However, generally a happy kid.  As I see this student everyday they tell me with a smile, "Miss Bond I wish I was still in Kindergarten".  Not because they dislike first grade, but because they enjoyed their time in my classroom.  Hearing this everyday from that student is heart warming because I know I made a positive impact.

When I have a tough day, I sometimes look at my students from last year and realize how far they have come.  The same impact can be made with current or future classes.  I appreciate the small moments with my previous students such as a smile, stopping by every morning just to say hi, asking to read to my current class because they bought a new Mo Willems book, make me a painting over the weekend and handwritten notes.  (All of those are true events) I appreciate the small moments with my students, but I have realized these are the big moments.

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