Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Teaching with Intention Book Study Chapter 5

I am linking up with From Kindergarten with Love for chapter 5 of the Teaching with Intention book study.  Chapter 5 was about teaching for understanding and engagement. 

 Debbie Miller begins the chapter by saying "learning is maximized when the lessons I design are purposeful, interactive, and engaging, with real world application" (65).  She summed up my philosophy very nicely!  I want my students to be excited about learning and extend our learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom.  Blended learning has enhanced my lessons even more.  It is an area I will continue to grow in.  

The beginning of the chapter goes into detail about schema theory- connecting prior learning to our new learning.  Debbie Miller talks about our mental filing cabinet in her book, Reading with Meaning.  When I hear the word schema, I think back to Deanna Jump's anchor charts.  
In the picture below, she used this chart to introduce her shark unit.  Her chart labels are schema, new learning, and misconceptions.  I implemented those categories in my mini lessons this year and I absolutely love the impact it had.   Students were able to refer to our chart throughout the unit and see how our new learning compared to the beginning of our unit.
Credit: Deanna Jump

When analyzing lessons, observe these aspects:
(the points below were taken from page 68)
  • How does this lesson fit with what children and I are already doing? How will I take the learning further?
  • Will it engage students?  How are the teachers and students positioned for teaching and learning?  Is thinking valued and made visible?  Is there student input?  Is independence on the radar?
  • What happens after the lesson?  Will students be given time for practice and feedback from me?  How else will they be supported?  How will I know they understand?
  • What might some of the implications be for learning in the days and weeks to come?
What are your take aways from chapter 5?  Do you use schema charts?

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