Monday, July 27, 2015

Back to School Shopping

As back to school is quickly approaching, it is time to prioritize what we need to buy.  I have been searching for the best prices and deciding what I will truly need this year.

Book Bins (set of 5) Each set was under $5.00
I plan on using these as student book bins for Daily 5.
All of the games shown above are by Scholastic.  
Alphabet and Number Puzzle
Color/Shape Bingo
Can you tell I love notebooks?  The pretty designs and organization sold me.  Each notebook on top was $1.97.  The notebooks on the bottom were a bit pricier… around $4.97 I believe.
All notebooks have lined paper.  I plan to use these for ideas and notes (staff or team meetings).

*I also bought a class set of crayons.  Each 24 pack was 50 cents.
I bought colored pencils as well.

Small Pocket Chart
Large Blank Books (set of 8)
Scentos Bubbles
Days of the Week Dry Erase Board.  I bought one for school and home.
Color Book

I plan to use the bubbles, crayon stick ons, and color book for my color unit.
Each bin was $3.00.  I plan on using them for parent notes and where students turn in their work.

My first Amazon shipment.  I have 2 professional books to read before school starts and some teacher supplies.  I actually like the Mr. Sketch Stix better than the regular markers.  I also ordered Paper Mate Liquid Flair.

*I also have another shipment coming that contains black pocket charts and back to school read alouds.*

I hope you are getting excited for back to school.  What other back to school items have you purchased?

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  1. Hi Allie,
    I am a former teacher and LOVE back to school season! :) I hear you on the notebook hoarding - how can you not, they are so pretty :)
    Excited to follow your blog.
    I have just started blogging as well - come say hello