Sunday, April 5, 2015

Book Study: Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites Chapter 8

I am linking up with Cara from The First Grade Parade for our best practice book study.
Today I am talking about metaphors, analogies, and similes.  Marcia Tate says this is the MOST EFFECTIVE strategy.  The reason it is most effective is because of connections.  This chapter really made me reflect on my teaching.
As I was working on my reflection, I noticed I have many examples in literacy.  My goal is to work on finding ways to incorporate this across all subject areas.

Like Cara mentioned, I love the main idea example Marcia uses to introduce the concept.  The top of the table is the main idea while the legs are the supporting details.  I found this anchor chart on Pinterest that is a great representation of her example.

Other examples I have used in the past:
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Vowels "glue" the word together.
Picture Source (author's purpose PIE)  I use this with 2nd grade.
Students learned this song for our comparing numbers unit.  I introduced Allie the Alligator and she always wants to eat the bigger number.
I use Alpha Tales as a resource for teaching students letters and sounds. For each letter students create an alphabet page that will eventually be made into a book they take home. On their letter page they write a word that starts with that letter and draw a picture. For example, A is for Alligator.  We also learn a phonics dance for each letter.  
Picture Source (spaces)
Especially in Kindergarten, putting spaces between words is a big focus.  This helps students visualize how much space to put between letters and words.

If you celebrate Easter, enjoy the day with your family.  It is a beautiful day in Ohio!

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