Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Sunday Scoop: February 15

I am linking up with Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop linky.  
Have To: Classroom management is an area I continue to work on.  I love responsive classroom management; I want my classroom to be focused on building a community for my students.  A team member recommend the book Teaching with Love and Logic.  I also want to get my units ready for this spring.  However, I definitely plan on enjoying my day off Monday.
Hope To: I want to ho shopping and hope that I am able to this weekend.  With the -20 windchill, I kind of just want to stay in my house.  In the meantime, I will schedule my next blog post.  
Happy To: My college roommate is visiting me Monday.  I am so excited to catch up.  

How will you enjoy your day off tomorrow?


  1. Hi Allie!

    I see we both used Christi for our Blog Design! I love your colors and design! Isn't Responsive Classroom awesome? I always wonder why every school isn't immersed in it. I'll have to check out the book as I'm looking for something new to read. Enjoy your day off. My husband and I are off but my kids lost the day already. Have a great day!

  2. It is so fun to see old college friends:) I hope you have fun! Enjoy your day off tomorrow - I know I certainly will!

    Technology Timeout

  3. I'm going to have to check out that book. Sounds right up my alley as I love building community as well. What's the topic of your next blog post? Have a great week!

    1. My new blog post is about Notice and Note. It goes with close reading.

  4. I was just saying yesterday that I wanted to get some new makeup!! I think we are going to venture out today, but it is soooo cold!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the day off tomorrow!!


  5. I agree with you, I have many places I want to go but it is too COLD!!! I am excited for a day off tomm! Planning to have some fun planning with my teacher friends and of course watch the Bachelor!!! Enjoy your time with your friend!

  6. My husband and I went out to grocery shop yesterday and it was so cold! I am committed to staying inside until it's at least 30 degrees again with no wind. We've been so busy, that we're actually enjoying being "stuck" in the house! Have a great time with your friend and stay warm!

    Mrs O Knows