Saturday, February 21, 2015

Organize Your Saved Posts on BlogLovin'

If you are a blogger, I highly recommend you use BlogLovin.  It is an app/website that allows you to read all of the blogs you follow in one place.  To get started, go to or download the app. I love it because I can catch up on blog posts anywhere (phone, iPad, laptop).

When I read a blog post that I love I do not want it sitting in my feed along with hundreds of other blog posts.  Luckily, BlogLovin allows you to save any posts.  Recently I came across a problem because I had hundreds of posts saved and had trouble finding what I needed.  If you know anything about me, I love being organized. Clutter is not my thing.

So how did I solve this problem?  Once you save a blog post, BlogLovin has collections.  Basically it is Pinterest boards, but for blog posts.

***All of the directions below are what you would see if you are on an iPad.  It is very similar to what you would see on your cell phone or laptop.

1. Once you find a blog post that you are interested in, click 'save'.  Or if you come across a post that you won't be reading, click 'mark as read' to remove it from your feed.
2. Once you hit save, you will be led to this box.  Either create a new collection or select which selection the blog post should belong to.
3. Once you have moved blog posts where you desire, you can view the collection.  This is what my guided reading collection looks like right now.
Below are the collections I created:

Back to School
Classroom Holidays
Classroom Management
Classroom Set Up
Common Core
Content (Science/Social Studies/Health)
Guided Reading
Morning Meeting
Parent Communication
Professional Reads
Writing Workshop

What do you enjoy about BlogLovin?


  1. hey do u know how to delete or unsave a post that i saved ..i saved a post by a mistake and now it's stuck on my profile and i wanna unsave it or delete it !!!!

    1. Hi Eman, I got here by googling the same thing. I ended up figuring it out, by going to "collections" on my profile and deleting the collection that had the post in it. Hope this helps you. - Ashley (