Thursday, February 19, 2015

Notice and Note

Close Reading has gained a lot of attention recently.  One resource teachers at my school used this year is Notice and Note.
LEFT: The extent of my knowledge prior to this book.
RIGHT: Beers and Probst are the authors of Notice and Note.  They identified 6 signposts that we come across in children's literature.  This has completely changed the way I perceive close reading in the classroom.  Signposts create more of a visual for students and is better structured.  
At each signpost,  student's learn to stop and ask themselves a key question. These questions are designed to help students make inferences, discover the conflict, and identify the theme.  I like that there is only one questions for each signpost.
I found this book list that I have been using to teach each signpost.  Thank you Pinkadot Elementary!
I came across this anchor chart on Pinterest. I love the simplicity and the teacher can add to it as students learn each signpost.  

Have you read Notice and Note?  What did you take away from reading the book? Any advice for implementing it in the classroom?

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