Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Power of Positivity- January 18

Happy Sunday!  It has been a fantastic weekend so far, especially with our heat wave.  When I say heat wave I mean 40 degrees.  Any sunshine works for me.
I am so excited to link up with Miss Peluso's Kindergarten for her Power of Positivity link up.  If you couldn't tell by my blog name, I am a big believer in positivity.  There is always good in each day.
 I attended my first baby shower yesterday.  On the left is my friend that I have known since 6th grade.  It was so nice to gather with friends I grew up with and celebrate her welcoming a baby boy early this spring.  
I even coordinated my outfit for the baby shower: blue sweater in honor of a boy and nautical scarf to match the nursery theme.

What are you doing on your day off tomorrow?  

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  1. Hi Allie!

    Thanks so much for linking up with me! I always love finding new blogs to follow, and I loved reading about your week! What is your favorite dessert that you baked? I am a huge baker, and I love trying new recipes!

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow!
    Miss Peluso's Kindergarten