Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Author Celebration

Today was the Author Celebration in my classroom.  Parents came in to celebrate student's writing. Students read their paper and shared what they learned.  

The event was first thing in the morning because many parents stay home or work part time.  It lasted about 40 minutes.  Out of my 20 students that were present today, 18 parents came in!!  I continue to be amazed by the parent support.  I know parents work and have other obligations so it means so much to me that almost everyone fit this in their day.  Although I primarily wanted parents to celebrate their child's writing, many parents talked with other students as well.  

The Unit:  I used Ashleigh's Common Core Informational Writing Unit in addition to Lucy Calkins.  I like how Ashleigh mapped out the unit.  My class took about 5 weeks to complete the unit.  Students learned how to select a topic that interests them, research, take notes, and format their paper.  It was a process to celebrate!
Preparation: Yesterday after school each student kept their writing folder on their table so they could easily access it in the morning.
This Morning: When parents and students arrived to the classroom, they read directions on the Smart Board.   This helped parents see what to look for in their child's paper.

I loved observing the interactions in the classroom.  Having a full house was a special occasion.  I also enjoyed having the opportunity to talk with parents.  Such a wonderful classroom community.  This was a fantastic experience and I received a lot of positive feedback from parents.  I am one happy teacher right now!!  

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