Sunday, November 16, 2014

SUPER Thankful

 I am linking up with the girls at Primary Powers for their SUPER Thankful linky.
This list does not include everything I am thankful for.  There is too much!  Here are a few...
My family means the world to me.  We have always been close.
Although teaching can be stressful, working at a school with supportive administration, staff, and parents makes me love my job even more.  I am grateful for all of my teaching experiences so far.  I know they have made me a more well rounded teacher.  
I am thankful for high school friends and college roommates/friends/sorority sisters. We may be in different places, but I love that we can pick up where we left off.
Through Twitter, blogging, and Instagram I have enjoyed meeting new teachers.  I am grateful for all of the resources I have access to because it helps me meet the various needs of my students.  Twitter chats are fun, too.

On another note I am done with parent teacher conferences.  I  enjoyed a relaxing weekend.

What are you thankful for?  Link up with Primary Powers to get the blank image or leave a comment below.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You are very lucky you work at a supportive school.

  2. Isn't it nice to be so blessed! I saw one gal was thankful for sunrises and coffee, so simple, yet so beautiful!