Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday- November 7

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky.  
I saw this as an anchor chart on Pinterest and had to recreate it.  I love that my students want to do their best,  but it is my job to help my students become independent writers.   
My students had difficulty with multi step word problems.  So we did a ton of extra practice this week.
Early in the week students were given an index card.  On the front they wrote their own story problem and solved it on the back.  Once they finished they had to categorize their word problem by addition, subtraction, or both (addition and subtraction).
One strategy I shared with my students is to circle the numbers in the problem and underline the phrase that tells you which operation to use.  For example, if I saw in all I know to add.  
I read this book as part of my economics unit.  Students learned new vocabulary: common good, save, invest, spend, donate, and incentive.  
Since this week was the first week of November, this book was a perfect fit.  After reading the book, students wrote an informational paragraph about the month of November.  We also talked about fact vs opinion.
I love having so many designs to choose from for my manicures.  Casual Friday looks great with our lacquer!   

I had my first night of parent teacher conferences last night.  I am SO tired right now so I will do a blog post on my conference preparation later this weekend.  I am excited to relax and watch Shark Tank tonight.

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  1. Cute fingernails! Those are two of my favorite books. I really like your story problem sort idea. I'll definitely be using that with my class. Thanks!
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