Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Even and Odd

The past week and a half my class has been working on even and odd.  Here is everything we have been up to.

To see where my students are at with even and odd, I did a quick write.  Each student was given a piece of paper.  I had them label one side of their paper even and the other side odd.  Students demonstrated their knowledge using words or pictures. 
To begin the unit we watched the Even and Odd video from Brain Pop Jr.  
After the video was over, I had students add any new information they learned to their pre-assessment.  I had students write in a different color so I could distinguish between the pre- assessment data and new information they added to their schema.

These are the read alouds I used for the unit.  Unfortunately I was not able to find the book Even Steven and Odd Todd :( Below are the title and author of each book.
My Odd Day and My Even Day by Doris Fisher
If You Were an Odd Number and If You Were an Even Number by Marcie Aboff

The top set of books were my student's favorites.  
Freebie from Amy Lemons HERE
Even though I try to limit the number of worksheets I use in the classroom, I liked that this activity also reviewed place value.  Students used the letter in the top left corner to know where to record their answer.  In the far left column they wrote the number, number word (working on that spelling!), sketch it (my students drew hundreds/tens/ones), and decide if the number is even or odd.  
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Students were given a turkey template, but could only use an odd number of materials.  Hence one odd turkey.  I have fantastic parents who donated the materials for this project.  Before students started, I had them plan out the bottom sheet with the number of materials they would use.  This really made the experience go much smoother.
One game that students played with a partner is Tic Tac Toe.  Instead of using X's or O'S, students used even or odd numbers.  To differentiate, I had students use numbers with different digits.

We also played Even and Odd Ball.  To learn more, go to Ashley Schroeder's blog.  You may find a freebie as well ;)

I made it to the first break of the school year!  Time to relax with family.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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