Sunday, October 12, 2014

Connecting Educators

October is Connecting Educators Month.  As many of you know, I started this blog over the summer as well as my Twitter account.  I love that these tools are free and I can access new ideas or professional articles anytime and anywhere.  My goal was to grow professionally and also inspire other educators with my journey, ideas, and resources.  Even though I haven't met some of these educators in person, I know I can count on them for support or feedback.  I am a member of the Compelled Tribe and participate in weekly Twitter chats.  Some chats are with teachers that work in the same geographic area as me.  We may work in different districts or schools, but I love that we can connect with one another to do what is best for kids.  Being connected with the digital world has helped me grow as an educator.

In addition to my Professional Learning Network, I have grown from the relationships with my grade level team.  But what are the advantages to working with a team?
  • Team members support and motivate each another.  
  • Team members bring different levels of experience and ideas.
  • Each team member has a high level of enthusiasm and drive since we are working towards a shared vision.
  • Team members share resources.
  • Team members hold each other accountable.
What does being a connected educator mean to you?
Thank you to everyone that continues to support me and my teaching journey.  I appreciate you!


  1. Allie,
    I am glad to have met you over the summer on Twitter and to have you in my PLN. You're a great asset to education and to my PLN.

  2. I think a combination of face to face (they understand the realities of your job and the framework in which you work) and Twitter is awesome. Both will encourage you to grow, reflect, and challenge you to be more. You started a good foundation for your career. Excited to walk with you as a member of your PLN.

  3. Thanks for sharing in your experiences! The educators that are embracing this journey of twitter, blogging and the conversations that ensue are the fortunate ones. Imagine if we had everybody along for the ride? In the meantime, keep up the great work and sharing out of your work and our passion!