Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Made It- September 8

Today I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.

I have been working on my Guided Reading Resource Binder and am so excited to finally share it. This binder does not contain documentation or lesson plans.
Binder Cover: Who Loves Third Grade.  Purchase HERE.  This file is editable... to create your personalized cover simply add a text box to the Powerpoint slide.  

                                      SECTION 1: Guided Reading Levels- Background Knowledge
Reading Level Correlation Chart:  FREEBIE from Megan Rogers' TPT Store
Don't you love the color coordination? Makes it so easy to determine what grade level your students are currently reading at.  In the past I have used Fountas & Pinnell and DRA so I like to have this chart handy.  
*Many resources in this post are for Fountas and Pinnell.  If your district uses a different program, take advantage of this chart*
Guided Reading Quarterly Goals: Elizabeth Ciavarella's TPT Store. Purchase HERE
This resource contains quarterly guided reading level goals for grades K-6.  The color coordination illustrates if a students exceeds, meets, approaches, or does not meet expectations.

                                               SECTION 2:  Reading Skills Book List
Grab this FREEBIE 
 Instead of searching through book bins to find the book to best model the skill I am trying to teach, this resource has a list of books that fit each skill.  SO EASY!!

                                                     SECTION 3: Leveled Book Lists
Leveled Book List: The Literacy Garden's TPT Store.  Purchase HERE
In addition to teaching, I tutor students in Kindergarten through Third Grade.  This resource covers levels A-Z, which ensures that I am selecting picture books according to the student's instructional level.  

                                                              BINDER RESOURCE
Level Up- A Guided Reading Tool: Colleen Alaniz's TPT Store. Purchase HERE
*This set only contains levels A-R*
This resource was created for teachers who use Fountas and Pinnell.    
I attached this to a binder ring and placed it inside my binder for easy reference.
Each level contains bullet points with typical reading behaviors to expect.


  1. Great post Allie! You have a ton of wonderful ideas that will impact student learning. As you go through the week, keep a mental note of how much of these resources you not only share with students but also with colleagues. You will be amazed how many people you reach with your passion for teaching and learning!
    Wonderful ideas!

  2. Thank you for sharing this - we don't start Guided Reading until all pre-assessments are completed. This post is getting me so excited to start! Jen :)