Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Made It- September 15

Yesterday I mentioned that I would blog about my teacher planner on Wednesday.  Well, I ended up finishing early.  #smallvictory  I am linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It.
Before I introduce my teacher planner... I have been searching for a chevron composition book and I finally found one at Staples.  I am in the blue hallway at my school so this is so perfect!  Our team meets three times a week so I will most likely use this for meeting notes.
Now onto the teacher planner...
As much as I love Erin Condren's teacher planner, $60 is expensive.  I decided to buy planners from TPT and get it bound.  All of this cost me less than $20.  Win-win!
Purchase Susan Dow's planner at her TPT Store

Sections not labeled with a tab:
Class Roster
Class Schedule
Student Birthdays
*These items are conveniently placed in the beginning of my planner*

TAB 1: Standards
Purchase Tanya Rae Design's planner from her TPT Store
I printed the standards double sided. 
Yes, you read that correctly.  I did purchase 2 separate teacher planners.  Both had elements that I liked so I decided to combine them to fit my needs.
                                              TAB 2: SCOPE AND SEQUENCE
I printed the scope and sequence for each subject double sided.  This is not available to download.
                                              TAB 3: CALENDARS (yearly and monthly)
School year calendar from Ms. Fultz's Corner.  This was a freebie for being a Facebook fan.  
 I use Susan Dow's monthly calendar from her planner to keep track of important events or meetings.
My week at a glance lesson plans.  This is from Tanya Rae Designs' planner.  
I like having the days horizontal and the subjects vertical.  At the top you will notice there is a Notes section.  I use this section to write down any meetings or special events for that day.  I always write my plans in pencil because I often move things around based off student understanding and progress.  
The purpose of the week at a glance is for me to map out what I want to accomplish that week.  Although I am flexible, it is important for me to think long term. 
*I put my Guided Reading/small group plans in my Guided Reading binder*

My goal for my teacher planner was to have everything I need in 1 place.  Last year I didn't have the standards or scope and sequence in my planner.  This added extra work for me.  Hopefully the new additions in my planner work out better.

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