Saturday, August 9, 2014

Show Me Your Teacher Tote

Finding that perfect teacher tote makes hauling all of our teacher stuff to and from school less stressful.  I am linking up with Jen from The Teacher's Cauldron to show off my teacher totes.  Yes, totes as in plural..

1- Thirty One Utility Tote
  I received this tote and matching lunchbox as a gift from a parent during my student teaching.  Seems so long ago!  Many teachers buy a medium sized Open Top File Box from The Container Store to place inside the tote.  This is especially helpful for parent-teacher conference preparation or grading since you are able to add multiple files and all of your papers stay organized.  Although my bag does not have a zipper, I saw on another blog that the new Utility Totes do.  

2- Longchamp
 I mostly use my Longchamp on the weekend.  I am one of *those* teachers that works at school on the weekend.  I love how quiet it is and I have everything I need in one place.  I also use this as an everyday bag (errands, tutoring, etc.).

3-Vera Bradley
 I take this bag to school everyday.  It has outside and inside pockets and is large enough to hold my essentials.  I fit my binder, lesson plans, projects, and some supplies.  It does not have a zipper, but if you look closely there is a way to close the bag.

What type of teacher tote do you use?


  1. I looove Longchamp bags - they are the best! I just ordered one in my favorite color, turquoise... but I'll take one in every color, please ;)

    Aly @ Smooth Sailing in Sixth