Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivational Monday- August 4

I am linking up with the wonderful Jennifer Hogan for Motivational Monday.

As I mentioned in last night's No Box Thinking chat, I love quotes.  They are inspiring and you can find one that speaks to you.  Here are a few of my favorite education related quotes:

I joined the world of Twitter and teacher blogging this summer.  I love sharing, collaborating, and communicating with teachers.  Right now I participate in 5-6 Twitter chats a week.  Each chat is beneficial because there is always someone that stretches my thinking and makes me consider a different perspective.  
As a person, I am a team player.  I love working with other people.    With teaching, I have always loved team and staff meetings because everyone is in union for one purpose: to give our students the best education possible.

Love this acronym!

Now on to some of my favorite books I read this summer:
When I joined Twitter this summer, I noticed 2 principals kept posting about Jon Gordon.  Many of the quotes they retweeted were positive and inspirational.  Naturally, I decided to read one of his books: The Energy Bus.  I started reading it at the airport and finished by the time I landed in Chicago.  It was that good.  His book goes into detail about 10 rules to guide your life with positive energy.  It is an easy read and I would highly recommend reading it before school if you're able to.  You will feel so motivated and energized!
What do you do to be a positive team member or coworker?
Another book that was on my list is Wonder.  I think Wonder would be a great fit for intermediate or middle school students to read. The reason I mention that is because Wonder forces the reader think about how we treat people.  Even though kindness and empathy aren't Common Core Standards, I believe they should be themes in our classroom.  Teachers want the best for our students and that means educating the whole child (socially, emotionally, and academically).

And one last quote to end this post...
Off to join in on the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School sale!  


  1. Love this post, Allie! I've got a Jon Gordon book on my list to read next, The Carpenter. I also love the acronym for LEARN. Thanks for joining the linky party!

  2. Thank you for the positive quotes and ideas. I love the book, Wonder, and am going to use it in my kindness theme this year. I also started blogging this summer - what a learning experience! I look forward to reading yours and have it on my list now. :)