Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for Friday- August 29

It's Friday, which means I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky.

I was tutoring last night and as I was getting ready to leave, the student told me, "thank you helping me learn".  This made my entire week.  I have been tutoring her since April and I love watching her make progress.
I came across this quote during a Twitter chat this week...
Relationships are SO important in teaching.  Teachers need to form relationships with their students, parents, staff members, and the community.  Our classrooms rely on these relationships in order to succeed.  You want to nurture these relationships from the beginning instead of trying to get to know these people only when problems arise.
I have seen pictures of these chevron composition books all summer.  I tried going to my Walgreens and looking online... no luck.  Does anyone know if they only sell them during the back to school sale?  I NEED these!  
I came across this FREEBIE as I was reading Catherine's blog post.  In her blog post she talks about her school's math night.  When talking to parents about the Common Core, we need to make sure we are speaking in parent-friendly terms.  This freebie breaks down some common phrases that may be used in a primary classroom during math.
This weekend  I am getting out of Ohio for some much needed family time.  I get to see both of my grandparents.  Yay!
What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?

Off to watch Shark Tank soon... have a great weekend!


  1. Enjoy your time away! I've never been to Ohio but I've heard good things :) I, too, agree that relationships are very important to build at the beginning of the year. I've noticed that when I spend that little extra time to generate those relationships the year runs much smoother and I notice a difference in my kids. They're so compassionate with each other and it's fascinating to see :) Thanks for sharing!

    Sliding Into Second Grade

  2. I got half composition notebooks that look like that at Walmart!