Friday, August 1, 2014

Five For Friday- August 1

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her Five for Friday link!  This is my first time so hopefully I do everything correctly.

I am obsessed with my new planner. from May Designs.  Pink, chevron, scallop, and monogram?  Perfection!  This is a 2014-2015 school year planner, but it will be used as a "life planner".  There is a month and week view.  
It is challenging for me to find anything customized with my first name.  I usually see Ali or Ally.  When I saw this Diet Coke with my name spelled correctly, I was pleasantly surprised.  A-l-l-i-e for the win!  
I found these blank books at Target in the $1/$3 and knew they would be useful in my tutoring sessions.  This week I let each student I tutor decorate the cover of their book to make it feel more personal.  My favorite aspect is the ability to differentiate. 

As teachers, we live for student growth and enthusiasm.  I gave my (almost) first grader her book.  She was so excited!  It warmed my heart.  Her reaction ranged from "this is the best thing ever", "I have always wanted my own book", to hugging the book tightly against her chest.  Needless to say, I altered my plans at that moment so we could devote more time to this book.  From day 1, she made it clear she loved dinosaurs.  Since she told me her book had to be about dinosaurs, I decided we would research dinosaurs.  This student already knew all about non fiction text features, which really helped with this process.  I assisted with research and modeled how to take notes.  We had a fun, productive tutoring session and days later I still remember her enthusiasm.
Bought this notepad at Wal Mart for 88 cents!!  Ok, maybe I bought a few....
There is a magnet on the back of the notepad.  I will place this on the side of my filing cabinet to write down notes as needed.  
I am currently in the process of redecorating my bedroom.  I bought a new comforter months ago, but am slowly making changes in my room.  I bought this letter A on Etsy because it is Lilly Pulitzer inspired.  This letter is so cheerful and bright!  Even if summer is slowing down, my room will always feel like it ;)

If you are reading, leave me a comment with something positive or exciting that happened this week.  
Have a good weekend!


  1. Your "life planner" is adorable! I agree that a month AND week view are a planner must. Love the personalized diet coke find!

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  2. Those little books look great! I also tutor and am always looking for good ideas. This is also my first Five for Friday! Check out my blog

    -Katie (your newest follower!)