Friday, July 25, 2014

Twitter Chats Resource

So, I have been telling friends that I would have the grand opening of my blog once the design is finished.  However, I was so excited about this new resource that I wanted to share it right away!

This summer I created a Twitter account to expand my PLN and gain new ideas.  I have really enjoyed the chats and getting to know educators all around the world.  However, participating in multiple chats a week made it hard for me to remember date, time, and moderator(s) for each.  To solve this, I created a Twitter Chats book.  I had it bound at Staples for $4.99

Below is the cover page.  On TPT I purchased Crayonbox Learning product: TPT Selling Blogging Planner- Social Media Planner- Ultimate Teacherpreneurs.  You can purchase it here:
She accepts custom orders so I purchased her product and she created this cover for me.  Love it!

Next, I printed out month at a glance calendars for the 2014-2015 school year.  I previously purchased Susan Dow's teacher planner so I used the calendars from that pack.  You can purchase it here:
 This is where I will keep track of the date and time for each chat.

The last step was including a notes page for each month (also from Susan Dow's teacher planner). I included this so I can keep track of all the great ideas I witness during the Twitter Chats.  

An organized Allie is a happy Allie :)
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My next post will be a review of Kim Bearden's new book.
Happy Friday!  Thanks for reading!

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